Attitude Cleaner Disinfectant 99.9% Thyme & Citrus

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Did you know that some viruses can live up to seven days on surfaces? We don’t give it much thought, but we touch doorknobs, chair backrests, faucets and other items multiple times a day! Wage war on household germs with ATTITUDE’s 99.9% disinfectant cleaner. Its worry-free and hypoallergenic formula was developed with plant- and mineral-based ingredients, including the first biodegradable disinfectant . Because even though cancer-causing agents are legally tolerated in disinfectants, we know you don’t want any in your home

We promise to use only the safest and purest ingredients.
Water, Caprylyl glucoside, Myristyl glucoside, Alcohol, Thyme extract, Fragrance, Dialkyl (50% C8-C10 25% C8 25% C10) (ACTIVE INGREDIENT), Dimethyl ammonium chloride (0.045%) (ACTIVE INGREDIENT)

Spray and wipe. To disinfect hard nonporous surfaces (e.g. countertops, walls, bathtubs, toilet bowls, etc.), let stand for 10 minutes before wiping. It is advisable to test on an inconspicuous area. Rinse all food contact surfaces with clean water after treatment. For heavily soiled areas, a pre-cleaning is required.

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