Bill Natural Sources 3-Month Liver Detox (LiverFLX + LiverBuild)

120*2 capsules

• LiverFLX™ 120 capsules + LiverBuild™ 120 capsules
• Helps to flush out toxins and support a healthy liver
• Accelerates liver cell regeneration and improves blood circulation
• Suitable for those who frequently drink alcohol and individuals looking for extra liver support

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Product Description

Bill Natural Sources® 3-Month Liver Detox combines a cleansing formula and a nourishing formula. We have designed this herbal base 3-month’s detox program to help you improve your system gradually. We recommend that you start improving your liver with the LiverFLX™ to help the liver flush out toxins from the body, and complete it by using the LiverBuild™ to nourish and replenish your liver.


• Cleanse your liver and rejuvenate your life
• Total herbal supplement
• Rich source of silymarin, a strong antioxidant known to protect liver cells

Bill LiverFLX (120 Capsules)
each capsule contains:
milk thistle – 150 mg
lycium barbarum – 80 mg
artemisia capillaris – 50 mg
gardenia jasminoides – 50 mg
arctium lappa -35 mg
genitiana lutea – 35 mg

Bill LiverBuild(120 Capsules)
each capsule contains:
fructus schisandrae chinensis – 100 mg
turmeric rhizome – 50 mg
wild yam root – 50 mg
fructus licii – 50 mg
radix polygoni multiflori – 50 mg
milk thistle seed extract , 80% silymarin – 50 mg
dandelion root – 50 mg

Bill LiverFLX : Adults take 3 capsules 2-3 times daily 15- 60 minutes before meals.

Bill LiverBuild: Adults take 3 capsules 2-3 times daily . Use for a minimum of 3 weeks to see beneficial effects.

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