Bill Natural Sources Extra Strength Antacid

120 tablets

This product is also suitable for those who experience
the following symptoms:
• Polyphagia: people who eat excessively because of
  starvation caused by too much gastric acid
• Anorexia: acid burning of the esophagus and stomach
• Dyspepsia: indigestion
• Insomnia and depression developed due to indigestion
• Stomach discomfort after drinking or due to motion

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Product Description

Bill Natural Sources® specifically developed this unique and effective non-prescription product, Extra Strength Antacid, for those who experience stomach pains caused by hyperacidity.  Excessive stomach acid causes indigestion and may eventually develop into gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, or gastric perforation. 
Bill Natural Sources® Extra Strength Antacid is especially suitable for pregnant women to supplement calcium and relieve common symptoms related to pregnancy such as bloating, stomach discomfort and nausea.

• For fast relief of heartburn and stomach acid
• Calcium supplement, suitable for pregnant women
• Relieves acid reflux in seconds
• Quickly absorbs to relieve stomach discomfort

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