Brazil Green Bee Propolis Concentrated Extract (Alcohol Free)

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Uncle Bill® Brazil Bee Propolis is pure in nature and of good quality. Propolis was collected from an un-polluted sparsely populated area. Bee propolis is not produced from bees; it is a type of resin made from a variety of plants harvested by bees. Bee propolis and beeswax are used to build the bee honeycomb thus allowing millions of bees to live healthily in a small honeycomb without any contagious diseases because of the anti-bacterial substance of bee propolis surrounding the entrance into the honeycomb. Bee propolis is effective against bacterial and viral infections; it promotes the function of white blood cells to destroy bacteria. Patients often take bee propolis before an operation to prevent infections. Bee propolis also increases the body’s immune system. Research has proven that bee propolis improves the following: upper respiratory tract infections, stomachitis, pharyngotonsillitis, acute and chronic bronchitis, acute and chronic tonsillitis, skin infections, halitosis, ulcers, and many more health conditions.

• Liquid form for fast absorption
• Super immune booster
• Helps to recover from infections in the throat, mouth, and respiratory tract
• Helps to regulate blood pressure and maintains healthy blood vessels

Concentrated extract from 100% pure bee propolis in a glycerin base.

Adults take 18-22 drops 2 times daily or as directed by your physician.

Shake before use.

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