Faem Skin® Olive Oil & Shea Butter Body Cream

450 g

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Product Description

Smooth out rough skin naturally with this intensive skin-nourishing moisturizer! Our concentrated organic shea butter contains beneficial nutrients, a wonderful rejuvenator for troubled or aging skin. Olive oil is high in antioxidants including vitamin E that guard your body and your skin from the inside out. Jojoba oil can keep your skin hydrated by forming a water protective barrier, relieving itching and dryness. This formula promotes a smooth, radiant complexion for dry flaky skin.


• Shea butter is rich in natural vitamins and fatty acids to provide intensive nourishing and moisturizing effect
• Olive oil enhances exfoliation, restores skin smoothness and protects against ultraviolet
• Jojoba oil locks skin moisture and protect skin from external irritants

Apply generously on body as often as needed.

Keep container tightly closed.

Store at room temperature.

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