Faem Skin® Rich Skin Cream with Collagen & Lamb Placenta

200 ml

For dull and dehydrated skin

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Product Description

Faem Skin® Rich Skin Cream with Collagen & Lamb Placenta is a fast absorbing, lightly scented body cream that provides long lasting moisture to relieve and protect dry, thirsty skin. Collagen is a protein that provides strength, resilience, and support to the skin, which helps to relieve dry and damaged skin making the skin softer to the touch. Unbalanced or “dull” skin can appear blotchy so collagen can also help to remove dry patches on the surface of the skin and to reduce the redness, giving the skin a healthier even glow. Age-fighting lamb placenta extract and collagen contain rich sources of bioactive skin nutrients. These regenerative factors help to accelerate metabolism of the outside skin layer to brighten skin tone and increase the elasticity. Along with Vitamin E, this rich moisturizer helps to enhance the activity of defensive cells, smooth fine lines, and protect against daily environmental stresses. Fortified with rich emollients, this signature formula helps to optimize your skin’s health and to reduce the signs of aging. Quality skin care products for passionate individuals who demand the most out of life.


• Anti-aging body cream
• Skin tightening formula
• Treat fine lines and premature wrinkles
• For dull and dehydrated skin

Apply daily over entire body and wherever skin feels dry.

Avoid the area around the eyes.

Store in a dry and cool place. Avoid direct sunlight

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