Nature Calm Magnesium Chloride Spray

8oz/226 g

Absorbs quickly through the skin for muscle pain relief and more.

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Product Description

Our Magnesium Chloride Spray is a topical product designed to penetrate the skin, delivering magnesium directly to cells.

The spray bottle makes it easy to use anytime, anywhere, and because it’s pre-diluted with distilled water, even those with sensitive skin can enjoy the benefits of transdermal magnesium. That’s why Natural Calm magnesium spray is the right choice for adults and kids alike.

Use it whenever you need measurable relief from muscle tension, aches and pains. It’s a great way to prevent magnesium deficiency – and it softens skin.

For full-strength transdermal magnesium, see our Magnesium Chloride Liquid in the cap top bottle.

-Magnesium chloride. Each 1ml of spray contains 225mg of magnesium chloride, equivalent to 60mg of elemental magnesium.

-Non-medicinal ingredients: Distilled water. Contains no fragrance

-Spray directly onto skin anywhere on the face or body, avoiding the eyes. Product should be fully dried before bathing or washing the skin.

-For restless legs, spray on legs before sleep.

To make a hot compress, spray onto tight, tired muscles. Take a small towel and wet it in hot water (as hot as is comfortable). Place over sore area and allow the heat of the compress to drive the magnesium into the skin. When the compress cools, repeat.

-For children, follow these general guidelines:

Ages 1 – 3: up to 12 sprays daily
Ages 4 – 8: up to 20 sprays daily
Ages 9+: up to 40 sprays daily

For external use only. Keep away from the eyes. This product is pre-diluted, and should not cause skin sensitivity; however, should you experience redness, rash or irritation, further dilute the product by adding water.

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