Prairie Naturals Hair-Force

90 softgels

Hair Force from Prairie Naturals – Complete nutritional support for fine and thinning hair. Love your hair!

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Product Description

Create beautiful, healthy hair from within. Prairie Naturals HAIR-FORCE synergistically combines 22 natural nutrients recognized for their role in restoring, healing and nourishing hair. Now you can stimulate maximum growth of the hair follicle while minimizing hair loss. The combined effect of these vitamins, minerals and nutrient co-factors directly counteracts the hair-damaging negatives caused by stress, illness, hormonal imbalances and other health and environmental concerns.


  • Complete complex of nutrients to support hair health and reduce falling or thin hair.
  • With iodine to support low thyroid (a common cause of hair loss).
  • Contains essential fats to reduce dry hair
  • Optimum dose B complex needed to boost hair health
  • With active sulfur containing amino acids to boost collagen production in the hair.

Vitamin C – 400mg
Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) – 9999iu
Vitamin D – 210iu
Vitamin B-1 – 30mg
Vitamin B-2 – 30mg
Vitamin B-3 (Non flush niacinimide) – 45mg
Vitamin B-6 – 30mg
Vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic acid) – 500mg
Vitamin B-12 – 99mcg
Folic Acid – 1mg
Paba – 200mg
Biotin – 1500mcg

Iodine (potassium iodide) – 1mg
Selenium (chelate) – 198mcg
Zinc (citrate) – 30mg

L-Cysteine – 200mg
L-Methionine – 200mg
Flax seed oil (organic) – 600mg
Safflower oil – 600mg
Lecithin (soy) – 60mg

Non-medicinal ingredients:
purified water, vegetable glycerin and natural gelatin

Contains no: wheat, dairy, eggs, corn, and yeast.

1 softgel times daily or as directed by a health practitioner

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