Faem Skin® Very Berry Antioxidant Body Cream

450 g

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Product Description

Revitalize with this vitamin-rich body cream featuring the amazing restorative action of potent antioxidants! The mixed berry extracts are known for its significant levels of proanthocyanidins, with potential antibacterial and antioxidant components. They also contain tannins, vitamins C and natural astringents for skin toning and tightening. Your skin will not only firmer but invigorated with a blend berry extracts that smooth and rejuvenate, returning it to a state of pure, healthy-looking softness.


• Berries extracts protect against free radical and other oxidative damage
• Vitamin C helps boost collagen production and repair cellular damage
• Reduce inflammation; prevent and treat UV induced damage

Apply generously on body as often as needed.

Keep container tightly closed.

Store at room temperature.

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