Suro Elderflower Tincture without Alcohol

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Elderberries have been used for centuries in herbal medicine and are renowned to help fight off the common cold and the flu. Our elderberry tincture is made from Canadian organic elderberries and organic grain alcohol. It can be taken as a preventive remedy or at the first signs of a cold or the flu. This tincture contains all the concentrated benefits of elderberries with no sugar added.

  • Alcohol-free formula suitable for children and women who are breasfeeding
  • Made from fresh elderberries or elderflowers and are approved by Health Canada.
  • The elderflower tincture is ideal as a preventative remedy or at the onset of seasonal or environmental allergies.

MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS PER ml: 467mg organic Elderflower (Sambucus canadensis).NON-MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS: 50% cane sugar alcohol or apple cider vinegar in non-alcohol formula.

Take 30 drops in water 3 times per day.

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